Here's a small selection of what I get up to in my spare time:

Electromagnetic Field

In 2012, I helped start Electromagnetic Field — a weekend camping festival for geeks, makers, hackers, scientists, and those with an inquisitive mind. Loosely inspired by the big German and Dutch hacker camps, EMF happens every two years and has grown from five hundred attendees in 2012 to 2500 in 2018.

EMF is entirely non-profit and now relies on the work of hundreds of amazing volunteers. I am a director, principal event organiser, and treasurer.

Open Infrastructure Map

I built and run Open Infrastructure Map - a view of the world's infrastructure based on data from OpenStreetMap.

Twitter Bots

I like building Twitter bots, especially those related to space. The bots I currently run are @dscovr_epic and @dsn_status.

Spacelog & Earth Lens

I'm a big fan of space exploration and its history. As part of the lovely /dev/fort, I managed — twice — to convince a group of smart web people to help me work on space-related projects of mine, for a week. In a fort.

At /dev/fort 5 we built Spacelog, a site to browse the transcripts of NASA's human spaceflight missions in a lovely format. At /dev/fort 8, we built Earth Lens (sadly no longer online) to browse astronaut photography of Earth.

London Hackspace

I co-founded London Hackspace in 2009 along with Jonty. It's a non-profit community workshop (or Hackerspace) for people to share knowledge and equipment, which now has more than 1200 members. I was a trustee of London Hackspace for seven years, and I'm still a member.

Everything Else

When I get enough time to work on other projects, I have a particular interest in software defined radio, brewing beer, hydroponic gardening, and lasers.