I have a Barclaycard credit card. I didn’t use it much, but they sent me a new one recently which had contactless payment support which was novel, so I started using it some more. Around the same time, about the beginning of February, I started having problems logging into their web site.

I use credit card web sites quite a bit to get at my transaction data, so I gave them a call — they were quite helpful and they said they were aware of the problem and working on it.

Today I got an email:

Dear Mr Garrett,

You were recently upgraded to a Barclaycard Cashback card. We noticed that you recently tried to log in to mybarclaycard to manage your account online, but were unsuccessful. We’ve discovered that this is a technical issue and we’re working to resolve this, but it will take until 1st June 2010.

Yes, that’s four months’ downtime on a web site which handles my financial data.

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