This is the letter I’ve sent to my MP, Emily Thornberry, about the government’s current plans to disconnect file-sharers. You should write to your MP too. It’s important.

I’ve put it up here because sometimes it’s nice to have something to base your letter on when contacting your MP. That said, please don’t copy and paste this, MPs want to hear that you’re a real person and not some mindless sheep. So write your own damn letter. This is mine.

Dear Mrs. Thornberry,

I’m writing to you to express my concern about the new Digital Britain proposals to disconnect internet users who are accused of violating copyright.

These plans amount to taking disproportionate action against internet users for a crime they have not been found guilty of committing. Internet access is a vital utility, and disconnecting users due to alleged copyright violation would also cut off access to many other services, contrary to the government’s plans for universal access to broadband.

The recording industry is backing these heavy-handed tactics in preference to making their licensing rates more reasonable for small music streaming and download businesses. I believe the only viable way to effectively reduce music copyright infringement is to make music available on demand as a service. Services such as Spotify are doing this, but they are struggling to negotiate sensible rates from the music industry.

I’d appreciate it if you indicated your support for Tom Watson’s Early Day Motion 1997 which concerns these file-sharing plans.

Yours sincerely,

Russell Garrett

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