Lots of people ask me what the goal is.

The goal is for you to be able to play any song, anywhere you are, in CD quality, for less per month than the price of a cd. If you’re too cheap to pony up, then you can listen to ads instead, but no more than 10m worth for every hour you listen. A light DRM in place is fine provided the technology exists to stream this anyplace you are. Who wants or needs downloads if you can just stream it whenever you want. Disks are so overrated. If the tech isn’t there do make that happen, then screw the DRM and let those that will pirate pirate and those that will pay pay. You’ll never get them to behave otherwise anyway.

That’s the goal. First person to make it happen wins everything.

This quote was written by Tom Pepper at Nullsoft about a decade ago. Today it became a reality (give or take the ads part, in certain territories, terms and conditions apply…).

Now let’s see if they do actually win everything. They’ve got my tenner a month.

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